When activated, it destroys marbles of the same color it hits that are currently visible on the path or blockers on that marble color, without destroying the marble underneath. If it hits a stone-like marble (stone, lava, gem, cotton candy) it slides and hits the color closest to that marble.


When activated it shoots 3 rockets in 3 directions across all paths destroying marbles without blockers or taking off a layer of blockers (frozen, gummy).  It can collect flowers with all 3 rockets.


A wind swirl destroys 50% of the marbles visible on the path even if they have blockers on top. 
It does not destroy stone-like marbles (stone, lava, gem, cotton candy).



The player chooses the part of the path they want to activate it in. It has an area of effect.
It destroys blocker-less marbles or all layers of blockers (frozen, gummy) and activates power-ups.



The player chooses where Tiki is placed.
It destroys 15 marbles even if they have blockers on them unless it’s a stone-like type of marble (stone, lava, gem, cotton candy) that just passes through.