We understand that you may want to play our game on different devices, and that's perfectly fine. 
To install the game on a new device, follow these simple steps:
-Tap the gear icon on the main map to open the Settings menu.
-Select the "Profile" tab.
-In the "Profile" tab, tap the "Save Progress" button.
-A pop-up will appear; tap the "Google Play Games" button.
-Another pop-up will show your previously saved progress and the new progress on this device.
-To continue with your previous progress, tap "Choose" for your old progress.
-To start a new game, tap "Choose" for your current progress.
-Confirm your choice by tapping "OK."
-The progress transfer is complete.
NOTE: If you opt for the new progress, the old progress will be deleted from our server, and it will also reflect on the old device.