The Spider Boss is a tricky opponent in the game. Every few moves, it shoots cobwebs that latch onto the switch button.
When cobwebs land on a switch button, they stick to it for the next 3 moves. To free the switch, players must use "X-tiles." Each time you use an "X-tile," one layer of cobweb is removed until the switch is completely free. Once freed, the switch stays in "X mode."
You can use boosters when the Spider Boss is active, but be mindful: every booster used counts as a move. So, plan your booster strategy wisely.
Remember, the Spider Boss has a limited supply of cobwebs. Once it's used them all up, it disappears, leaving you to solve the rest of the cobwebs on the switch button.
To stay ahead, plan your moves carefully. Use boosters strategically and keep an eye on how many cobwebs the Spider Boss has shot to predict when it will vanish.