Hot Streak is a gameplay feature that rewards players for successfully completing levels consecutively on their first try. It starts at a baseline level of 0 and increases as players maintain a winning streak. The "Hot Streak" feature will appear on the level play popup before entering each level.


  • What happens if I fail to pass a level on my first try?

If you fail to pass a level on your first attempt, your streak will reset to the baseline level, and you'll need to start building your streak again from there. It's crucial to maintain your winning streak to maximize potential rewards.


  • Can I see my current Hot Streak progress?

Yes, you can easily monitor your current Hot Streak progress by checking the progress bar in the level popup. This provides a visual representation of how close you are to reaching the next checkpoint and earning bonus coins.


  • How many Streaks can I earn?

It consists of eight segments, with each segment representing a level of the Hot Streak. Every other segment acts as a checkpoint for a coin multiplier. As you successfully complete levels in a streak, the progress bar fills up. When you reach a checkpoint, you'll receive bonus coins, significantly enhancing your in-game rewards.


  • What is the maximum number of coins I can get?

The maximum number of coins you can obtain through the hot streak is 20 coins.